How To Find a Good Cosmetic Dentist in Chantilly, VA

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If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Chantilly, VA, look no further than Dr. David T. Babington’s dental office. Legacy Dentistry offers dental care and oral health solutions to patients of all ages and backgrounds, including general dentistry and restorative dentistry. Our friendly and professional staff is committed to providing the best care possible. With cosmetic dentistry, we can provide a variety of dental care treatments that will help all our patients in Chantilly, VA, who have crooked or discolored teeth achieve their goals of having straight teeth with even coloration.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a cosmetic dental procedure that improves your teeth’ general health and appearance without serious dental surgery. Whether patients have crooked, discolored, or missing teeth, cosmetic procedures can enhance and restore the smiles of your whole family to give everyone the beautiful smiles they deserve.

Although cosmetic dentistry procedures are most often used to increase the aesthetic appeal of a patient’s smile, your dentist may recommend cosmetic procedures that can improve your overall oral health and ensure your mouth and jaw function properly.

Cosmetic Services Offered

Cosmetic dentists can provide a “smile makeover” for patients who want straight teeth and an even coloration throughout their mouth. Dr. Babington at Legacy Dental offers general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry services. He serves both children and adults at his office and ensures that every patient has a proud smile.

If you need cosmetic services in Chantilly, VA, schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Babington. At your first visit, he will assess your needs and explain what treatment options might be best for you.

Legacy Dental offers the following cosmetic dentistry options at our location in Chantilly:

Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown can make your smile feel whole again. Dental work is important to keep our teeth healthy, and if you have suffered from severe damage or breakage, it may be time for a tooth crown. Crowns cover cracks in each tooth’s front top/bottom portion, which helps mask any gaps before they become noticeable. Dr. Babington can provide dental crowns that will restore strength and function to each tooth, improving an individual’s oral health while increasing their self-esteem.


Dental veneers are a perfect solution for those looking to cover up cosmetic issues with their teeth, such as discoloration or variance in length or shape of the teeth. Veneer procedures can be done in just one visit, depending on the type and volume of work performed during treatment. Veneers may be right for you if you have mildly misaligned or crooked teeth, gaps or spaces between your teeth, dark or discolored teeth, or have another type of cosmetic defect. If you’re searching for a professional Chantilly dentist who will make your veneers look flawless, contact Legacy Dentistry.


For people who need orthodontic dental treatment, Invisalign is a less noticeable option than the wires and brackets of traditional braces. The process involves gradually moving your teeth with clear plastic aligners that have been fitted specifically for you. The aligners are usually worn for 20-22 hours per day to guide your teeth back into the proper location slowly. Then, new clear aligner trays are placed every few weeks until your smile is restored to its proper shape.

Invisalign aligners are so thin, and they’re nearly invisible. You can wear them to do most of your normal daily activities. It would be best if you took them out to eat and to brush and floss your teeth. The best part? There’s no need to tighten any brackets or worry about getting food stuck between wires like you would with traditional braces.


Retainers are an essential part of the straight teeth puzzle. They work by holding your pearly whites in place after you have had braces or clear aligners. They prevent movement, so your teeth don’t return to their crooked position after removing your braces or aligners. Whether permanent or removable, most retainers are painless and don’t require too much effort to maintain.

Remember, without a retainer device to keep your teeth stable; a crooked smile will start shifting back towards its original form.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. David T. Babington grew up in the Chantilly area and attended Paul IV High School in Fairfax, where his involvement on the Cross Country team ignited his lifelong love of running. After high school, he graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in biology. While at UVa, David was involved in several organizations, including the Pre-Dental Society and the Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra, where he met his wife, Jessica. David attended Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry, receiving his DDS degree and graduating cum laude. While in dental school, David enjoyed his experiences volunteering with the Missions of Mercy Project, where he provided much-needed dental care in Southwest Virginia. He also enjoyed playing club flag football and basketball with his classmates.

After completing dental school, David and Jessica moved to Fairfax, where David started practicing dentistry with his father, Dr. William Babington. He and his father together provided care for patients in Northern Virginia for 13 years. When William retired in 2019, David took over as the sole proprietor of Chantilly Dentist, PC. He continues to uphold the tradition of excellence that patients have come to expect from our office while adding new technology and treatments.

David and Jessica enjoy raising their three children in the same schools David attended as a child. When he is not caring for his patients, he spends time playing with the kids, coaching their sports teams, playing music, running, and biking. David enjoys challenging himself in the numerous races he has completed, including several Ironman Triathlons, Spartan obstacle course races, Ragnar Relays, RunDisney Dopey Challenges, and many marathons, and his family loves to cheer him on.

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If you’re looking for professional dental practice in Northern Virginia with efficient and friendly staff and highly skilled doctors, give us a call at Legacy Dentistry in Chantilly. Our cosmetic dentistry services can improve your smile and leave you beaming with pride as you show off your new smile!

From teeth whitening to Invisalign, there are many options available at our office, and we can help you find the treatment that is right for you. Contact Dr. David T. Babington at Legacy Dentistry today to discuss what we can do to help improve your smile.

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