The Story of Legacy Dentistry of Virginia

It may be hard to believe today, but in the late 1970s, the Chantilly, Virginia area was little more than a small town along Route 50. When Dr. William “Bill” Babington graduated from the University of North Carolina Dental School in 1978 and began looking for a place to start a practice and raise a family, he saw potential in that small town. The Washington metro area was growing quickly during this time and suburban neighborhoods were expanding as more families and businesses recognized the economic potential of Northern Virginia. To Bill and his wife Mary Pride, Chantilly was just right for them: close to, but not in, the city, and a drivable distance to both the beach and the mountains. Bill began working as an associate in a practice in Fairfax, but he soon had the opportunity to independently manage a satellite office in Chantilly Shopping Center off Route 50. Not long after he began treating patients in this location, he took the opportunity to purchase the practice and run it as his own. Thus, Legacy Dentistry of Virginia was born.

In 1986, Bill and Mary Pride moved the practice to a new space in the newly constructed Sully Plaza, further west on Route 50. They worked hard and cared for their patients in that space for 17 years. In the early 2000s, it was clear that Bill’s son David would be following in his footsteps and a larger space would be necessary prior to David joining the practice. So, in 2003, Bill made his final relocation to the office building where Legacy Dentistry lives today. Bill and David provided their patients with high-quality dental care as a father-and-son team for 13 years. Bill retired in 2019, after an illustrious 41-year career caring for the Chantilly community.

David is committed to continuing his father’s legacy, providing a high level of service to every patient who walks in the door. He has taken what was meticulously built by his parents and carefully carried it into the future. David has expanded the services he provides and incorporated new technologies while being mindful of the philosophies and traditions upon which the practice was built and maintaining a personal connection with the community.

While the practice has evolved over the decades, so has our name and logo. Bill, being quite fond of nature, sketched out a solitary tree, with mountains in the background and birds in the sky, and adopted it as his official logo in 1978. With the dawn of the internet era and the launching of our first website in the early 2000s, this logo was modernized by being redrawn in a digital format and colorized to match the web design. It was also at this time that the practice was renamed “Chantilly Dentist, PC”, a nod to the fact that the Babington dental practice was one of the very first established in Chantilly. In 2021, David and his wife Jessica decided that “Chantilly Dentist” was not a name that would distinguish our practice from the several other dental offices in the area. In an effort to tell our story, the name “Legacy Dentistry of Virginia” was adopted. The logo was reimagined yet again, retaining the solitary tree and birds, but designed in a more hand-drawn style. Most importantly, roots were added to the tree to signify the roots our practice has put down in our community. We are proud of our history and excited to carry on providing service to our patients for generations to come.

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