Pediatric Dentistry In Chantilly

Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry

Keep your little one smiling brightly with pediatric dentistry in Chantilly, VA. Call Legacy Dentistry of Virginia at (703) 378-5600 for a fun and informative consultation.

As parents, protecting the health of our children represents a main priority. From skinned knees to bruised elbows, minor injuries to our kids seem to occur every few days. So, it’s no wonder that some parents forget about their kids’ dental health while trying to survive the daily onslaught of tantrums, accidents, and other mishaps. Besides, they’re just baby teeth, right?

Well, not exactly. Although baby teeth will eventually fall out, they play a crucial role in developing your child’s jaws and the spacing of their adult teeth. Neglecting a child’s oral health can cause ill effects, starting with cavities that can lead to tooth loss and ultimately result in the malformation of your child’s face. 

Fortunately, pediatric dentistry’s specialized field provides preventative and corrective solutions for toddlers, young children, and adolescents. And Legacy Dentistry of Virginia has served children between the ages of three and seventeen for decades. As standards have evolved, so has our approach to encouraging parents and children to protect their oral health.

Pediatric Oral Hygiene

Although pediatric dentists take corrective measures when presented with significant dental issues in children, much of pediatric dentistry revolves around instilling good oral hygiene habits and preventing cavities through regular checkups. While some children love to brush their teeth, others do not. Either way, all children benefit from professional instruction on oral care.

Pediatric dentistry involves almost as much child psychology as it does health care. If millions of adults fear the dentist’s office, then one can imagine how a kid might feel. Our friendly staff at Legacy Dentistry of Virginia take an empathetic approach to pediatric dental care and empower children to take control of their health. 

We employ several proven techniques to help children take an interest in protecting their teeth. Through multimedia presentations, fun games, and accessible instruction, we should have your child motivated to brush, floss, and use mouthwash. 

Advantages of Dentures

Nothing beats a child’s healthy smile. Unfortunately, even children who demonstrate good dental hygiene can suffer a cavity. Sometimes, the cavity results from weak enamel or a developmental defect. However, most of the time, a cavity occurs because children can’t clean their teeth as thoroughly as a dental hygienist can.

You can help your children prevent cavities by encouraging them to:

  • Brush after every meal or at least twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash
  • Avoid sugars and acid in their diet

Don’t feel discouraged if you feel like you’ve done everything right and your child still gets a cavity. Our dentists can repair any damage done and prevent future cavities with proper cleaning. Also, concerned parents can ask us about tooth sealants for their children. They represent a long-lasting and proven preventative measure for kids.

Take control of your child’s dental care! Contact Legacy Dentistry of Virginia at (703) 468-8073 to provide a bright future for your favorite little smile.

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